What to Do Following a Hit-and-Run Accident

What to Do Following a Hit-and-Run Accident

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you may be astonished in the moment and not sure what to do. Did someone really just hit you and flee the scene? Unfortunately, this happens, but you don’t have to suffer the consequences on your own. With the help of an automobile accident lawyer, like an automobile accident lawyer, you can strive to fight the case and hold the driver responsible. The following are some things to do immediately after the accident.

Stay Put

It could get dangerous for you to try and follow the individual who hit you, but it’s also illegal to leave the scene of an accident. If you are hit by someone who then flees, don’t make the decision to leave as well. Instead, stay where you are and begin to assess the situation.

Call the Authorities

Just like any other accident, you should call the authorities after you are in a hit-and-run accident. If you or someone else is injured, be sure to let the dispatcher know so that he or she can send help. While you’re on the phone, give the dispatcher as many details as you can remember. If you’re nearing the end of the call and suddenly remember something, be sure to include it before hanging up.

Collect Evidence

If you are able, try to get a good look at the car and driver. Write down all the details you noticed as soon as you can so you don’t forget anything. Often, there are details that you remember as you’re talking or writing your way through what happened, so be sure you get it all on paper. If you’re injured or extremely shaky, dictate the information to your phone or to an officer. Some details to try to remember include:

  • License plate information such as any digits (even if you only saw a small portion), the state, a logo, or any other images on the car.
  • The make, model, and color of the vehicle.
  • Additions to the car, such as a bike rack, bumper stickers, trailer hitches, etc.
  • Any sounds the car made, such as squealing or a loud muffler.
  • The gender, estimated age, and nationality of the driver.
  • How many people were in the car.
  • Car damage such as scratches, dents, cracks, missing hubcaps, or broken lights.

Get in Touch with Your Lawyer

After being involved in a hit-and-run accident you’ll need some additional assistance to work through the process of getting compensated for injuries and damages to your car. Hope isn’t lost if the driver left the scene, so contact a car accident attorney today to get the assistance you need.

Thanks to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their insight into what you should do if you are involved in a hit and run accident. 

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