Nonpayment of Wages

Nonpayment of Wages

Nonpayment of Wages

It violates the law to not pay employees their lawfully earned wages.  In fact some states (Texas) have made the nonpayment of wages a criminal act under some certain conditions.

Steps to Take If Your Employer Hasn’t Paid You

Nonpayment of wages is illegal, but it still occurs these days. Some employers may try to get away with not paying workers their full wages to save a buck. This is unjust and you don’t have to stand for it. If your employer hasn’t paid you what you’re owed, take the following steps.

  • Inform Your Employer About the Wages You’re Owed: The first thing you should do is let your employer know that you’re owed wages. Sometimes employers make honest mistakes and don’t pay workers their full wages. The only way you can find out is to inform your employer exactly what you’re owed. It’s preferable that you do this in writing.
  • File a Claim with the Department of Labor: If your employer still won’t pay you what you’re owed after you bring up the issue, you don’t have to give up. Your next step is to file a claim with your state’s Department of Labor. Take your time when filling out the forms to avoid making errors.
  • Consult an Employment Lawyer: If your state’s Department of Labor has rejected your claim, you should speak to an employer lawyer next. This is especially important if the wages you are owed are significant. A lawyer can review your case and determine if you have a good chance of recovering your wages through a lawsuit.

How to Prepare for Meeting with an Employment Lawyer

If you have decided to talk to an employment lawyer about your unpaid wages, it is important to properly prepare for your initial consultation. The better you prepare, the more you’ll get out of the consultation.

Be ready to answer several questions about your case. For example, a lawyer may want to know approximately how much money your employer owes you and how long this has been going on. Answer each question truthfully and with as many details as possible. If you have any evidence that pertains to your case, such as payroll records or witness testimony, you should bring it with you.

Don’t hesitate to prepare questions of your own for the consultation. Asking the right questions can help determine if a lawyer is the right fit or not. For instance, you may want to ask how many unpaid wages cases a lawyer has handled in the past and what his or her fee structure is.

If your employer owes you unpaid wages, talk to an attorney at Davie & Valdez, P.C. today.


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