Gender or Sex Discrimination

Gender or Sex Discrimination Attorney El Paso, TX

Gender or Sex Discrimination

Gender or Sex discrimination Attorney El Paso, TX involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of that person’s sex (Male / Female).  Generally, it is illegal to fire /not hire someone because they are a male or female.

Sex discrimination also can involve treating someone less favorably because of his or her connection with an organization or group that is generally associated with people of a certain sex.

Signs of Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender or sex discrimination in the workplace is illegal, but that doesn’t stop some employers from doing it. Here are a few signs you may be getting discriminated against for your gender:

  • Male Workers’ Comments Get Taken More Seriously: If you’ve noticed that your male coworkers’ comments get taken more seriously during meetings, your boss may be discriminating against you for your gender. For example, let’s say you spent an entire night brainstorming ways to market your company’s newest product. You share your ideas at the next company meeting and others barely say a word. A little while later, a male coworker presents a similar idea and receives praise. 
  • Your Boss Always Asks About Kids: If your boss has asked you if you plan on having kids in the future, you may not think anything of it. However, if your boss asks the question over and over, it may be a red flag. Your boss may fear that if you do have kids, you won’t be able to work as hard at your job. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of hardworking employees who have kids to take care of at home.
  • Male Coworkers Always Get Promoted Before You: If you have been exceeding expectations at work and always get great performance reviews, you may think you are up to a promotion soon. However, a male coworker with similar qualifications always seems to get the promotion before you do. In this case, you may be facing gender or sex discrimination.
  • You Earn Less Than a Male Worker With a Similar Role: If you and a male coworker have a similar role, you may expect to be paid the same. However, if you earn a lower salary than that male coworker, you may be facing gender discrimination.

What to Do If You’re Facing Gender Discrimination

If you believe you’re the victim of gender discrimination, it can be very difficult to go into the workplace every day. You’re tired of being treated less favorably than your male coworkers and want it to stop. You don’t have to put up with this mistreatment forever. You can hire an employment lawyer to assist you in filing a discrimination claim against your employer.

During your initial consultation with an employment lawyer like at Davie & Valdez, P.C., describe in detail how you’ve been discriminated against. If you have any documents, such as emails, that pertain to your case, bring it with you.


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