Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, TX

Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, TX

Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, TX

Workmen’s settlement advantages provide workers with a form of insurance coverage that can be used to support them economically through wage replacement and clinically through medical benefits. While the specific amount of time that benefits are offered, and the specific type of benefit supplied are managed by law and individual situations, there are four unique types of workers’ settlement benefits. Learn more by Calling a Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, Texas at Davie & Valdez, P.C., today.

Wage Replacement Benefits

This category of benefits comprises 3 types of wage replacement strategies; each is dependent on the time of injury and the effect of the injury on the employee’s ability to make.

Momentary total impairment benefits are offered to hurt workers who momentarily can not work due to their work injury or those who can not find work due to the restrictions put on them. This advantage is paid at two thirds of their wage at the time of injury.

Short-lived partial disability advantages are offered to workers who have actually returned to work given that their injury however is making less than they were making at the time of their work injury due to the disabling impacts of the injury. This benefit is also paid to two thirds of their wage at the time of their injury. These partial disability advantages end when the employee’s wage rises to 90 per-cent or more of their pre-injury wage.

Irreversible total impairment benefits are paid to employees whose disability leads to their being not able to return work that would make them a consistent wage. This rate is likewise paid out at two thirds of the pre-injury wage.

Irreversible Partial Impairment Advantages

These advantages are offered for employees who have actually suffered irreversible special needs such as a loss of a body part or its working due to a work related injury. The quantity of this benefit is chosen by the long-term partial disability ranking.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Vocational rehab advantages are offered for injured employees who require assistance in returning to their former job or a comparable job in a various work environment. These advantages enable the arrangement of a variety of programs such as re-training and on-the-job training. A Certified Rehab Expert may be offered to help the worker in managing their disability or injury in the work environment. Find out more by contacting a Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, TX at Davie & Valdez, P.C.

Medical Advantages

The employer and insurance provider are responsible for the payment of affordable and required healthcare and prescriptions for any work environment injuries. Depending upon the injury this medical care can consist of surgery, hospitalization, physical treatment and chronic pain management.

Temporary partial special needs advantages are available to workers who have returned to work considering their injury but are earning less than they were making at the time of their work injury due to the debilitating effects of the injury. These partial impairment advantages end when the employee’s wage rises to 90 per-cent or more of their pre-injury wage.

Occupation rehabilitation benefits are available for hurt employees who require support in returning to their previous job or a similar task in a various work environment. These benefits enable the arrangement of a number of programs such as retraining and on-the-job training.

Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer El Paso, TX at Davie & Valdez, P.C., today.

Common Misconceptions About Workers Compensation

If you suffered an injury in the workplace, you have the right to file a workers compensation claim. However, you might have heard several myths about the process that are making you reluctant to do so. Here are some common misconceptions about workers compensation that you should not believe. 

  • Your employer won’t be involved in your claim. Some people assume that their employer will not have anything to do with their workers’ compensation claim. This is not true at all. Your employer is actually the one who is required to file the accident report. Therefore, you should inform your employer about your injury as soon as possible.

  • Only severe injuries qualify for workers compensation. This is another major myth about workers compensation. Just because you did not suffer a traumatic brain injury or other life-threatening injury at work, does not mean you can’t receive workers compensation benefits. Even seemingly minor injuries, like scrapes and cuts, can result in high medical bills.

  • Your employer could fire you for filing for workers compensation. One of the main reasons why workers are reluctant to file for workers compensation is because they think they will be fired. However, it is illegal for employers to fire their workers for this. If your employer does try to fire you, get in contact with a workers comp lawyer in El Paso, TX promptly.

  • To receive benefits, you must be at the jobsite when you get injured. You do not need to suffer an injury at the jobsite to qualify for benefits. For example, if you have to drive a vehicle as part of your job and get into a car accident, you qualify for workers compensation benefits.

  • Workers compensation covers all your losses from the injury. Unfortunately, this is not true. Workers compensation will only pay for your medical bills and lost wages. You won’t be able to receive benefits for other damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress.

  • It’s not necessary to hire a lawyer. While you are not technically required to hire a workers compensation lawyer, it is in your best interest to do so. This is especially true if your case involves complexities, like a permanent disability or an employer who is retaliating against you. With a skilled lawyer on your side, you have a higher chance of receiving a fair settlement. 
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