Wrongful Termination Lawyer El Paso, TX

Wrongful Termination Lawyer El Paso, TXTexas Wrongful Termination Lawyer

If you believe you were unfairly fired from your job, you should speak to a wrongful termination lawyer El Paso, TX residents trust. In certain situations, termination is considered illegal. Here are a few times being fired counts as wrongful termination.

Your Employer Retaliated Against You

If your employer terminated you for engaging in lawful activities at your job, you may have a viable wrongful termination claim. For example, let’s say you filed a workers’ compensation claim after you got injured on the job and your employer became angry and tried to fire you. It’s illegal for an employer to do this, so you can seek legal action.

Your Employer Discriminated Against You

Even in this day and age, some employers still terminate employees based on their age, race, gender and citizenship status. If you’re part of a protected class and believe you were fired because of that, you should consult a wrongful termination lawyer in El Paso, TX soon. If you can prove that the termination was based on illegal termination, you may have a strong discrimination case.

You Were Fired Because You Refused to Violate Public Policy

By law, employers are prohibited against terminating employees for refusing to violate public policy. For instance, if you were fired because you expressed concern about your employer illegally dumping toxic materials, you have a wrongful termination case on your hands.

What Should You Do If You Were Wrongfully Terminated?

If you suspect that you were wrongfully terminated, it’s important to stay calm. Although what happened was unjust, you don’t want your emotions to take over and cause you to make wrong decisions.

The next thing you should do is look for evidence that may support your allegations, like text messages, emails and voicemail messages. If there were any witnesses present at the time of crucial incidents, such as your employer making offensive comments towards your race, you should contact them.

Then, consult a lawyer about your case. He or she will review your case and explain the process of filing an employment lawsuit. Your lawyer will also advise you on whether it would be wise to speak about a settlement instead of filing a lawsuit against your former employer. Depending on your circumstances, it may be worth it to take the case to trial. The court may award you compensation for back pay you would have received if you weren’t terminated. You may also be able to get your job back.

3 Questions to Ask Your Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Losing a job due to discrimination or unlawful behavior by your superior is tough on multiple levels. It’s normal not to know what to expect in the aftermath of your wrongful termination. Of course, your first point of action should be to consult with a wrongful termination lawyer in El Paso, TX like the team at Davie & Valdez, PC.

However, you may not know how to make the most of your time with an attorney. The lawyer is there to guide you through the entire process, from getting your documents together to filing and ultimately winning your wrongful termination suit. Still, you will feel more confident if you plan your consultation around a few starter questions. Here are three questions you may want to ask your attorney.

1. How Do I Know if I Was Wrongfully Terminated

When you ask your wrongful termination lawyer in El Paso, TX this question, they will walk you through your circumstances with questions of their own. Did your boss discriminate against your age, religion, gender, or abilities? Did you feel singled out?

Your attorney will help you find evidence that can tell your story accurately and present a compelling case. Your employer may think they can cover their tracks after letting you go unlawfully, but your attorney may be able to help you collect documentation as well as other evidence to help you make your case.

If you were wrongfully terminated for being a whistle blower or for refusing to go against the law to abide by your employer’s wishes, your attorney can explain how you are protected under US federal law, and what benefits you can seek while you fight the loss of your job.

2. Can I Recoup Lost Wages As a Result of My Case

In most cases, an employer may be willing to settle for a set amount of money in an effort to keep your wrongful termination case out of court. However, your lawyer will help you fight to recoup as much of your loss as possible. They will help you fight for your lost wages which are often awarded in wrongful termination suits. 

  1. Can I Get My Job Back If I Win My Case?
    You may be wondering if you might get to keep your job after all if you win a wrongful termination lawsuit. Your wrongful termination lawyer in El Paso, TX can certainly help you fight for your job back.

You may want to stipulate some conditions prior to accepting your job back. For instance, your attorney from Davie & Valdez, PC may advocate for you to have a different manager or to be placed in a different department of your company upon your return. Given the circumstances and history between yourself and the employer who wrongfully terminated you, your job may be less than pleasant if you go back to the same position with the same setup. 

Schedule a consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer in El Paso, TX call Davie & Valdez, P.C. today. 

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