Privacy Torts 

Privacy Torts - Word writing text Consumer Protection. Business concept for Fair Trade Laws to ensure Consumers Rights Protection.

Lawyer The courts and legislatures in the United States have developed a right to privacy that belongs to all citizens. The right to privacy is essentially the right to be left alone and to live without unjustified interference by the public into private matters.  As an experienced lawyer can explain, there are several types of …

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Pedestrian Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer A personal injury lawyer Arlington Heights clients trust knows that car accidents are all too common and are especially dangerous for pedestrians. Whenever you cross a street, whether at a crosswalk, an intersection, or another crossing, there is a risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Causes Auto accidents that result …

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Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents involving two cars or more are considered multiple car accidents. However, when many people consider multi-car accidents, they often think of accidents involving several vehicles. While car accidents involving two cars can be complicated, it can be challenging to understand who may be at fault and how holding them responsible …

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