When Should You Consider a Construction Accident Lawyer?

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Considering contraction is one the largest employers in the world there is a good chance that you may find yourself in need of a workers’ compensation lawyer. Realistically, the accidents that happen are common and could easily put you or your family out for weeks. That is why we here at The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt will listen to your claim and have a sound understanding of the impact of these accidents. 

What are some common construction accidents though? 

Common Construction Accidents 

It is no secret that a construction site can be hazardous to anyone on it. That is why there are rules and regulations on the safety of these locations. What happens when safety isn’t treated as seriously as it should be is workers can suffer from minor to serious injuries? 

  1. Slips and falls – By far the most common accident on a construction site is a fall. Most falls are because of slippery floors, lack of guardrails, and weak walkways. Falls can result in minor to serious injury and may result in the following:
      • Head or brain trauma
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Broken bones
      • Torn ligaments and tendons
      • Scarring
  1. Heavy machinery – Heavy machinery is a construction site nightmare. With such large equipment being handled, they bring danger to users who don’t know how to handle them. This is why workers need to be trained in these tools before using them. Wearing the correct gear will also prevent injury with these tools.
  1. Electric shock – Construction sites are full of tools and many of those require the use of electricity. If these tools aren’t handled properly or the equipment is faulty, this can result in an electric shock. An electric shock can provide serious injury as not only are sites hazardous but sites can also be wet. That can cause a worse shock than before.
  1. Falling objects – With some construction sites involving workers on different levels the danger rises. Moving heavy objects to different levels can fall. Failure to follow safety precautions and procedures on-site can lead to objects falling and injuring someone. Understanding these dangers can help prevent the risk of injury.
  1. Explosions – There are often explosions at a construction site that could be on purpose or accidental. The use of flammable chemicals where workers aren’t trained properly or faulty wiring are all risk factors. Every year there are construction workers that are seriously injured by explosions. While some pose serious injury, only others could be fatal and end in death.

Construction Accident Lawyers

Because of the nature of these accidents, they often require expensive treatment and time out of work. If you have been injured in a construction accident, contact one of our construction accident lawyers in Boca Raton for more information, contact our friends at Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt .

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