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Car Accidents: Do’s and Don’ts

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It can be hard to remember exactly what to do if you are involved in a car accident. The right actions can help you not just protect your legal rights, but strengthen your claim. Keep in mind the following tips if you are ever in a car accident. 

Don’t Leave the Accident Site

You should never leave the site of a car accident. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, you should not go somewhere else because the law requires you to stay where you are. This is also true even if you are a hit and run victim, because trying to chase after the driver may only result in you or other innocent people getting injured. Call the local police and emergency personnel so that they can send an ambulance to your location. 

Help Those Who Are Injured

If you are feeling well enough, do attempt to help those around you are injured. You should only help those who have injuries if you are strong enough and there is no risk of aggravating your own injuries. If you are unable to help them, wait until medical personnel arrive so that they can provide them the proper care. 

Document Evidence

Make sure to take numerous photos of the accident scene. Talk to any witnesses who may have seen the car accident from a different angle. Capture the interior of the car, damage that was sustained, and photos of your injuries. Provide this evidence to a car accident attorney like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm and they will examine it thoroughly. If there are any businesses nearby, check to see if they have any video footage of the accident. 

Don’t Give an Apology

A big mistake that accident victims make is to apologize to the other driver. Even if you did play a role in the accident, you should avoid making statements that imply that you were at fault. This also applies to accepting blame. The other parties can try to put the blame on you, even if you did nothing to cause the accident. Don’t allow them to manipulate you into taking the blame. It is investigators’ job to determine who parties are at fault. 

Car accidents are not easy to navigate, and there can be many factors that can complicate your case. Schedule a consultation with a qualified car accident lawyer now if you need urgent legal assistance. 

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