What happens to a trucker in an accident?

The more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to be in an accident. It is not reflective of your skills as a driver or your attentiveness overall, merely an inevitability. For truck drivers, this can be a threat to both physical safety and livelihood.


National Highway and Traffic Safety data shows this trend clearly. But, when the average person thinks of a trucking accident, they think of totaled passenger cars, not injured and struggling truckers.

Truckers can get workers’ compensation benefits

Your workers’ compensation eligibility depends largely on your employment agreement. Because some commercial vehicle operators work as direct employees of shipping and freight companies and others work as contractors, you will have to look at the terms of your agreement.


If your contract includes workers’ compensation coverage, you can apply for those benefits as normal. You may also be able to file for additional claims with your driver’s insurance and with the other party’s insurance. If not, you may need to file for an underinsurance or a nonsubscriber claim.

Right now is a more dangerous time than ever before

Because of the stress on our supply chains, many truck drivers are more vulnerable than ever. Extended shifts and longer hauls means that tractor-trailer and semi-truck operators face more dangerous conditions. In addition to the wide host of dangers they already face, like poor maintenance, dangerous drivers and inclement weather, drivers are also at a higher risk for fatigue. They are simply less equipped to use defensive driving strategies that may keep them safe.


The result? We need to expect more frequent and more deadly incidents. Workers’ compensation is a critical support for drivers right now.

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