Damages awarded in a successful wrongful death lawsuit

There is no monetary value that a court can place on the loss of a loved one. When a death occurs wrongfully, at the action or inaction of a negligent party, there are types of compensation that those representing the deceased may obtain.


These types of compensation are known as “damages.” And while compensatory awards cannot make up for the loss, they can help provide the family of the deceased with financial stability and some semblance of justice for the wrongdoing.


Damages for a successful wrongful death claim may include:


  • Pecuniary or financial: These damages relate to the general financial losses that follow death. Potential inheritance, financial support, medical expenses and even funeral expenses may fall under pecuniary damages. To establish the necessary amount of pecuniary recovery, attorneys may use testimony from economic experts who will estimate the financial losses.
  • Punitive damages: Depending on the case, Texas courts may award punitive damages to the loved ones of the victim as a consequence or punishment for the at-fault party.
  • Survival actions: Personal injury damages may also be awarded for the victim’s pain and suffering. The representative of the deceased may call for this type of compensation in order to benefit the estate of their client.

If a loved one of yours has fallen victim to an incident that leads to their death, you may have a wrongful death case. Note also that many of these incidents occur in the workplace. If that is the case, as with other lawsuits, you will need to prove that your loved one’s employer was negligent in their duties to maintain a safe environment.

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