What Discrimination in the Workplace Can Look Like

Discrimination in the workplace is not always as clear as you might think. Sometimes it is blatant and easy to detect, while other times it can be very subtle. No matter what, you need to contact an employment litigation lawyer, like one from Eric Siegel Law, to help you determine if you or a loved one has a case. 

Not Giving Promotions Because of Who a Person Is

One instance of discrimination in the workplace would be holding back a promotion or giving it to someone else because of a person’s gender, race, disability, or anything else that makes them a minority or different. As long as the employee is doing a good job, if another colleague would have received a promotion, other employees should be treated the exact same way. 

Giving Bad Jobs to Certain Employees

If you believe you are being given worse clients, harder tasks, or the unwanted jobs that other people do not want because of what you are like, you need to get the assistance of an employment litigation lawyer. You should be treated the same as your colleagues, no matter what your personal life looks like or where you came from. All people should be treated equally and the difficult or less than exciting jobs should be distributed among all of the employees. 

Being the First to Get Fired

Layoffs are an unfortunate thing that can happen in many different businesses. It can be very difficult to choose who has to go first. If you believe you are one of the first who are laid off because of a way you are a minority, you need to have an employment litigation lawyer investigate for you. It is true that there is no easy order in firing employees, but if you see a pattern or think something is fishy, you should have someone investigate further. 

Contact a Lawyer Today

It can never hurt to reach out to an employment litigation lawyer if you wonder whether you are facing some kind of injustice. A lawyer can look into your company and all of the circumstances that are surrounding what you are facing to help determine if discrimination is happening to you. You need to stand up for yourself so that you can get the help you deserve in fighting for your rights. A lawyer will want what is best for you and will know how to navigate your case. This will include gathering evidence, looking into your company’s past behaviors, and other things that a skilled employment litigation lawyer will understand how to do. 

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