Truckers deserve safety on the job

The trucking industry is at the heart of America, yet truckers are often having to deal with unsafe conditions as they’re taking care of transporting cargo around the country. Even though these professional drivers are largely on their own during hauls, it is still up to the trucking companies to ensure that they have safety protocol in place.


Obviously, there are some aspects of trucking that the companies can’t control. These include things like drivers who are drunk or distracted and caused crashes. What the company can do is take steps to ensure that the trucker has all the training and tools necessary to get the job done safely.


Trucking companies can’t just assume that these truckers know all the safety rules they should follow. Instead, they should be trained. The companies should also use rigs that have up-to-date safety features in them. This can include telematics and reports that are made in almost real time. It also means that the company should encourage truckers to take safety breaks and rest breaks as they need to get the haul completed safely.


Periodic refreshers for truckers, such as how to handle driving in inclement weather, can help. The company must also ensure that all rigs are up to the current operating standards, so they are as safe as possible for the truckers.


Trucking is one of the deadliest occupations in this country, so skimping on safety isn’t ever appropriate. When a trucker suffers an injury, they may need compensation. This manner in which this is handled depends on whether the trucking company has workers’ compensation coverage or not. Working with an attorney who is familiar with these cases may be beneficial.

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