How does a spinal cord injury impact your life?

People who are involved in accidents may suffer a spinal cord injury. These can be very serious because the spinal cord controls the messages the body and brain exchange. It’s possible that healing and recovery may occur after a spinal cord injury, but it doesn’t always happen. There are several factors that determine how the area heals after the accident.


Spinal cord injuries are divided into two categories based on how much feeling and movement is present below the site of the damage on the spinal cord. If the person has either, the injury is classified as an incomplete injury. If they don’t, the injury is complete.


An injury that’s incomplete will usually allow for a better recovery than a complete one. This is because there are still nerves and axons intact that are crossing the injury site. Without those, the function is unlikely to return.


Another thing that can impact how a spinal cord injury impacts your life is where it is located. The higher on the spinal cord, the more of your body it will impact. The areas affected by a spinal cord injury are always below the place of the injury.


The types of treatments and therapy you receive after an accident can also play a role in the healing process. Unfortunately, the options you have might be limited by your financial abilities.


If you suffered a work-related accident, you should look into what types of legal action you can take to recover financial damages, so you may be able to receive better treatments. The options you have vary based on the status of your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage decisions.

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