​​Tips To Avoid Workplace Accidents

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Every workplace should have safety procedures in place to protect its employees. However, if those procedures are not followed, then accidents happen. According to a workplace accident lawyer from the Eskesen Law Firm, there are a few things as an employee that you can do to avoid accidents:

Follow the Rules

First and foremost, the easiest way to stay safe is to follow the rules and procedures set in place by your employer. More often than not, those rules were created based on past accidents that happened. You should review any rules books or guide books given to you during your onboarding. While your employer should provide regularly scheduled safety talks for reminders and updates on the procedures, it is a good idea to regularly re-read through the safety book on your own just to keep it fresh in your mind.

Wear Safety Clothing

If your employer supplies safety clothing such as steel-toed boots, then you should wear those every day at work. If you must bring your own gear, make sure to refer to any required clothing your employer asks you to wear. Otherwise some general safety gear would be hard hats, close toed shoes, safety glasses, gloves, reflective clothing, etc. depending upon what your job is. Always keep some spare pieces of safety gear around too in case something needs to be replaced.

Check the Equipment

This tip is good for equipment and clothing. You should constantly be checking your gear to ensure that there are no issues with it. For example, if you find scratches, discoloration, or missing pieces, then it is best to halt work until the issues can be resolved. Any small changes in machinery can cause huge problems which could lead to workplace accidents. Faulty safety gear will not protect you in times of emergency. If at any time you are worried about your safety because of your gear, alert your employer.

Establish New Rules

A workplace should be a collaborative environment where everyone works as a team. If at any time you notice that something seems very unsafe and there are no rules about it, then you should approach your employer about updating the rule book. For example, if you notice that equipment seems to be overheating and is operating at dangerously high temperatures, you should notify your employer immediately. Or, if you notice a fellow employee trying to take shortcuts, you should bring this up as well.

Contact a Lawyer

If you follow the rules, wear the proper gear, constantly check and maintain your gear, but your employer is not taking your safety seriously, then you should contact an attorney to represent your case. If you are injured while working, then you should definitely contact a lawyer. However, many people do not know that you can actually contact an attorney before an accident even happens so that they can fight for a safer work environment for you. A lawyer will work to ensure that you are protected and that your safety is top of mind for your company. Contact a lawyer near you today for help immediately.

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