Worker shocked at power substation

An employee at a power substation in Plainview was shocked during a Nov. 13 accident, sending the man to the hospital with critical injuries, authorities stated. The industrial incident reportedly led to a power outage that left some 4,600 Texans in the Plainview area without electrical power for about half an hour.


The power substation where the accident occurred is located on 24th and Date streets on the eastern side of Plainview. The energy company employee who was shocked received aerial transport to a hospital in Lubbock for treatment, authorities reported. Officials listed the man in critical condition.


Texas workers’ compensation laws protect employees who have been injured while on the job, which may include industrial workers’ accidents. The injuries that stem from these types of accidents can be devastating and costly, and they may include broken bones, burns, acute illnesses and even amputations. Consequently, many victims of industrial accidents are left disabled, unable to return to work and subject to extensive and enduring medical care.


Yet, while employers in the state, pursuant to the law, must have insurance plans in place in case of workplace injuries, many of them attempt to deny or provide resistance to claims filed by injured workers seeking medical and wage-loss benefits. This kind of situation can be disastrous for an injured worker, especially in the financial sense. An attorney with experience in workers’ compensation law and claims may be an invaluable resource for such a worker.


The attorney may help claimants receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled under the law. Moreover, the lawyer may ensure that injured workers with little to no working knowledge of workers’ compensation laws are not taken advantage of by employers seeking to save money.


Source: KCBD, “Xcel Energy worker shocked at Plainview substation in critical condition“, November 14, 2014

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