Wearable device designed to keep workers safe

Many workers in Texas and worldwide have dangerous jobs. In fact, statistics show that over 1,000 workers are killed around the globe each day. Approximately 500 people are injured in workplace accidents every minute.


To help reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, an Iowa insurtech startup has developed a wearable device that can record important environmental data as workers go about their jobs. The device, called MākuSafe, processes the data it collects in real time, allowing safety managers to see problem areas, identify trends and rectify potential hazards before they cause injuries.


The CEO of the startup was inspired to create MākuSafe after touring a manufacturing facility where all the workers were wearing dosimeters as part of an audit by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration. As a result, he collaborated with a friend on a device that could gather massive amounts of worksite data and use it to improve workplace safety. Not only does MākuSafe help managers prevent accidents and increase efficiency, but it also helps insurers develop more effective workers compensation and property and casualty policies. The CEO says the device is intended to be a collaborative tool that helps workers, employers and insurance companies by providing a safer workplace environment.


Workers who suffer an on-the-job injury may need to file for workers compensation benefits in order to financially survive. These benefits are designed to help injured workers pay medical bills and support their families while they are unable to work. However, some employers and insurance companies attempt to wrongfully deny claims or offer fewer benefits than a worker is entitled to. Therefore, injured workers may find it beneficial to consult with an attorney before they file their workers compensation claim.


Source: Insurance Business, “Insurtech start-up ‘makes you safe’ with workplace wearable tech,” Bethan Moorcraft, May 16, 2018

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