Solicitor’s office voices commitment to employee safety

Texas workers may be interested to learn that the U.S. Department of Labor is fully committed to workplace safety. It accomplishes this through legal actions and by participating in alternative resolution options with employers and developing new regulations that could help keep the workplace safe for both workers and employers.


The deputy solicitor of labor stated that the main priority was to ensure that the workplace was safe for workers. This goal was to be accomplished by enforcing the Occupational Safety and Health Act. When a workplace violation is found, investigators will examine the entire business to determine if the problem can be found in other parts of the enterprise. If this is the case, employers are able to fix the issues.


The solicitor’s office is also dedicated to targeting employers who were repeat offenders. In fact, some employers who willfully violated the OSH Act faced fines that could amount to as much as $500,000, though many of the employers attempted to contest the fines or get them reduced. Additionally, the agency deals with approximately 3,000 whistleblower complaints every single year, and the solicitor’s office works to enforce 21 whistleblower statutes.


Workplace safety is incredibly important for businesses who want to be as productive as possible. However, there are some employers who may attempt to cut corners, which can result in workplace injuries that were otherwise preventable. When people are injured on the job, an attorney may help them file for workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical costs and help pay their bills while they cannot work.

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