Preventing workplace injuries

Many Texans have heard the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This simple saying can apply to many contexts, including wearing a seat belt in a moving vehicle, getting regular checkups with a primary care physician and workplace safety matters. Lots of workplace accidents can be prevented by simply placing the proper safety programs in place ahead of time.


Like many things in life, a workplace safety program may not be initiated until after some type of catastrophic event. This may come from a serious injury, OSHA violation, or even an on-the-job fatality. Many workplace injuries are followed by expensive workers’ compensation claims, which are then reevaluated by management teams that determine that the issue could have been completely prevented. However, there is no reason that something horrible has to occur before management can take a proactive step of trying to prevent such accidents from occurring in the first place.


One effective way to improve workplace safety is to get employees involved in the process. They are the individuals who work with the machinery and processes that are currently in place. This makes them the ideal individuals to provide feedback on problems and suggestions on how to improve workplace safety. Management should ensure that resources are available to help prevent workplace accidents.


Individuals who are injured in an on-the-job accident may wish to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about their rights and the potential benefits that they may be entitled to. A lawyer may assist the injured worker through an appeals process if their original claim is denied.

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