New cranking techniques could reduce injuries for Texas truckers

Millions of men and women across the country drive trucks for a living. They spend long hours behind the wheel as they carry loads from one city to another. Though federal laws limit how long and how far they can drive, injuries may still occur. The long hours they spend at work often lead to repetitive injuries and other damages that can cost thousands in medical expenses and lead to workers’ compensation claims.


New research found that proper cranking techniques can reduce the risk of injury to drivers. Cranking is a relatively common task that involves raising or lowering trailers. Researchers with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries and North Carolina State University observed drivers in the field and found that those who stood parallel to their trucks while cranking their loads did less damage to their bodies.


This position helped them more easily rotate their shoulders and allowed them to use more of their upper bodies and less of their lower bodies. Using a similar position can significantly reduce the chance of a workplace accident that leads to a brain or arm injury. Those injuries often require extensive hospital stays and rehabilitation.


With more than 70,000 workplace injury cases reported each year, it’s important that employers take steps to protect their workers. This is where workers’ compensation comes in. An attorney with experience in workers’ compensation claims can help an employee who suffered an injury on the job. Unfortunately, some insurers deny claims. However, a lawyer could file an appeal and help a worker obtain the compensation they deserve.

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