Making work safer for women in construction

The number of women who work in construction is increasing in Texas and in other areas. The National Association of Women in Construction has teamed up with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to try to make working conditions safer for women.


During the five-year initiative, the organizations will focus on workplace hazards that affect women working in construction, such as sanitation, selection of personal safety equipment, and reduction of workplace harassment and violence. Part of the joint plan includes educating workers and supervisors about workplace safety hazards.


NAWIC was founded in 1955 and serves over 4,000 women who work in construction. OSHA works with other organizations, including NAWIC, to help make workplaces safer. By teaming up with other groups, OSHA can reach individuals who face unique challenges at work or who are working in highly hazardous fields. In other campaigns, OSHA has been working to educate workers about preventing falls at work and avoiding heat sickness.


Despite safety measures, many workers will still experience a workplace injury at some point during their career. Injuries are more common in some industries than in others, which is why OSHA has worked to try to make highly hazardous jobs safer. After an on-the-job injury, a worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation.


Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that employers are required to carry to cover medical costs and other expenses in the event of a workplace accident. Workers who have been injured while on the job must follow a set of guidelines in order to be eligible for benefits. For example, they may be required to see a doctor who is specified by their employer for the treatment to be covered. An attorney may be able to help employees who have been injured on the job receive compensation. Injured workers might consult a lawyer if their injuries are severe, if they are unable to return to work or if their benefits have been denied.

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