Injured Texas truckers can benefit from legal guidance

When most people think about a truck accident or other incident leading to injuries, they typically assume it is the trucker’s fault. It might surprise many El Paso residents to learn that the truck driver is not always to blame.


Just like other workers, truckers are often at the mercy of their employers and must follow the instructions they receive. Failure to do so could mean the end of gainful employment, regardless of whether the termination is wrongful.


For example, the trucking company with which you are employed could demand that you ignore the federal regulations governing rest breaks. Driving while exhausted often results in trucking accidents in which both you and private motorists suffer severe injuries.


Truck drivers may also suffer other injuries when working for a demanding employer. These include:


  • Slip-and-fall injuries when entering and exiting the truck’s cab
  • Musculoskeletal injuries from loading and unloading a truck’s trailer
  • Slip-and-fall injuries when working on a dock platform
  • Severe crush injuries if the truck’s cargo falls on the driver
  • Carpal tunnel or repetitive motion injuries

We have come to understand that some unscrupulous employers fail to address trucker injuries when they occur. Making the situation even worse, many trucking companies do not provide their employees with workers’ compensation. As you might imagine, this leaves these valuable workers without a way to pay for the treatment and care necessary for recovery.


In our practice, we handle both personal injury claims and employment law violations. This has given us unique insight into the many problems Texas truck drivers face each day. We want you to know that the law can help when you have suffered severe injuries while performing your work duties. To learn more about your legal options, please continue exploring the resources we offer on our website.


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