How to tell if your employer subscribes to workers’ compensation coverage

When an employee is injured while on the job, they may think they are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. But in Texas, an employer does not have to subscribe to workers’ compensation. There are many companies in Texas, including Walmart, who choose not to subscribe to workers’ compensation insurance. There are some ways an employee can check if their employer has subscribed to Texas workers’ compensation.


Texas Department of Insurance

An employee can check the website of the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation. The website lists employers who subscribe to workers’ compensation.


An employee can check their employment contract with their company. The employment contract must disclose if the company subscribes to workers’ compensation. There are many employers who don’t disclose this information despite it being a rule.

Employer insurance

Just because an employer has insurance doesn’t mean that it is workers’ compensation insurance. Insurance does not equal workers’ compensation insurance as there are many insurance companies that sell liability insurance.

Employee options

If an employee is injured on the job and their employer does not subscribe to workers’ compensation coverage, they will need to file a negligence-based claim.

Hiring an attorney

A legal professional who specializes in Texas non-subscriber can help an injured employee get the compensation they deserve. They understand that insurance issues can be confusing and will advise their client on what options they may have. They can provide easy to understand explanations. They can bring a nonsubscriber claim to court in order to collect compensation for their client.

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