How to be proactive about worker safety

All Texas employees face the risk of getting hurt on the job, even if they work indoors. For those who work in office settings, they could experience neck, back or leg injuries if they don’t sit at their desks properly. Ideally, individuals who work at their desks will make sure that their feet are firmly on the floor. Furthermore, their arms and back should be fully supported.


If a person is working at a computer, the computer screen should be at eye level. This eliminates the need for that individual to crane their neck. Those who work inside could also get hurt or sick because of air quality within a building. Some workers experience nosebleeds, fatigue or dizziness because of airborne contaminants.


A person who works outside may also face a variety of health issues related to a lack of safe air to breathe. For example, an individual could breathe in silica dust while working around wood that is being cut. There is also the possibility that a person could inhale benzene or other harmful chemicals that cause lung disease or other health problems. That’s why employers must ensure that air is properly ventilated for their workers.


An employee who experiences some type of injury on the job may be entitled to reimbursement for current and future medical expenses. They could also be entitled to compensation for some of their lost wages while recovering from the injury. However, employees who take workers’ compensation benefits are generally not entitled to any punitive damages that would be available in a personal injury case. An attorney may provide more insight about the process of filing a claim or appealing an unfavorable ruling.

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