How supervisors can help workers safe

A report from Dodge Data & Analytics found that worker safety is a top priority among contractors in Texas and throughout the country. Research has also shown that supervisors can play a key role in establishing a safety culture and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. In addition to the leadership of supervisors, other keys to a successful safety include worker participation in the program and regular safety meetings.


Access to ongoing training programs was also cited as one of the important parts of a quality safety plan. Of companies that took part in the Dodge survey, 73% said that supervisors were the ones who taught safety training classes to their workers. While this can be an ideal way to help contractors protect those working on construction sites, more could be done to ensure that supervisors are properly trained themselves.


For example, 43% of contractors involved in the Dodge report didn’t know about the Foundations for Safety Leadership training module. The free module is intended to supplement what supervisors learn during the 30-hour OSHA training class. Almost all of the contractors that said that they were using the module indicated that it was effective at enhancing their workplace safety culture. Contractors are also encouraged to seek input from workers as it relates to potential hazards on a construction site.


Workers who are hurt on the job are generally entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. This may be true even if a company has a workplace safety program in place. Ideally, workers will report an accident to their supervisors in a timely manner. An attorney may be able to provide additional assistance after an injured worker files a claim.

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