How floor mats keep workers safe

The use of a mat may make it easier for Texas employers to keep their workers safe. One of the biggest benefits of mats is that they reduce the odds that someone may slip or trip while working. These types of accidents are among the most common in the workplace, and they cost companies $2.35 billion by themselves annually.


Mats may be designed to drain after a liquid is spilled on them. They may also make it easier for oil or grease to drain through them to prevent puddles or slick spots from developing. A properly constructed mat could make it easier for those who have to stand while working. Workers may experience back or leg pain if they have to stand on an uncomfortable surface for too long. These injuries can range from annoying to serious enough to keep workers away from the job for long periods of time.


Safety mats may both provide visibility and alert workers to potentially dangerous areas within a work area. They can come with custom messages that alert workers to be cautious about where they work or to alert them where an eye wash station may be located. Placing mats on stairs and adding anti-slip tape may make reduce the odds that a person slips or trips when visibility is low.


An injured worker may cost an employer time and money in lost productivity. For the workers, an injury may have a long-term impact on both their personal and professional lives. It may be necessary to spend time in the hospital as well as weeks or months in rehab. Those who are hurt at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, and they might want to have the assistance of an attorney when preparing and filing their claims.

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