High-tech workplace safety devices for workers who lift

Texas residents may be interested to learn about a new cutting-edge high tech device that provides feedback regarding lifting techniques used by the worker. The device, manufactured by a startup company, is designed to be worn by the worker around his or her waist. It monitors muscle activity as the worker lifts objects, providing feedback to the worker through a wristband that tells him or her whether he or she is using proper lifting techniques.


According to the company’s founder, the device might provide workers with the information they need so they can adjust how they are lifting objects to minimize the risk of back injury. The company also believes that employers may be able to collect data provided by the devices in order to adjust their training for workers.


For now, the company is focusing on workers in the manufacturing and warehouse industries, as it indicated it is easier to design algorithms to track the lifting completed by those workers. In the future, the company is hoping to expand the technology’s uses into other fields, including health care. The technology may provide a benefit to workers and employers alike in recognizing improper lifting techniques and making corrections to help prevent injuries.


Workplace safety is a primary concern for both employers and workers. Although those who are injured may be able to recover benefits by filing workers’ compensation claims, avoiding injury in the first place is preferable. Employers must provide workers’ compensation coverage to their workers so that those who do suffer an injury while working on the job may recover expenses and benefits lost due to the injury. A workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured worker with the required claims filing process.


Source: Wired, “The Internet of Anything: This Wearable Could Keep You From Throwing Out Your Back”, Klint Finley, Feb. 23, 2015

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