Failure to provide fall protection tops OSHA violations list

OSHA strives to help both workers and employers in Texas enjoy safe workplaces. Nevertheless, there some work environments where established regulations haven’t been implemented or properly followed. In order to shine a spotlight on such issues, OSHA has issued its list of the most common workplace violations found in 2018. Accounting for more than 7,000 citations, fall violations, which often involve contractors working on steep roofs and other high surfaces without protection, once again topped the list.


At No. 2 on the list was hazard communication violations. These are issued for failing to have a written program in place to deal with known hazards. Failure to maintain or develop safety data sheets is a related issue that also resulted in multiple violations.


Insufficient decking and lack of solid foundation support were among the common scaffolding violations. This category landed at No. 3 on the list. In addition, many employers were cited for failing to establish a respiratory protection program or provide required medical evaluations for painters and other employees working in similar settings.


Companies that use lockout/tagout devices or equipment were typically cited for lack of adequate employee training and failure to establish and implement machine-specific procedures. While primarily involving warehouse and storage facilities, forklift violations were also prevalent.


If a workplace accident is the result of federal safety regulations, an attorney can offer assistance with the workers’ compensation process. Should there be questions about the impact of the injuries experienced, the lawyer may obtain additional medical documentation or seek input from witnesses to the incident. Additional legal assistance is sometimes needed if benefits are unreasonably delayed or unfairly limited. A negligent employer’s history of workplace violations may also be considered.

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