Employment Lawyer El Paso, TX

FAQ: Employment Lawyer, El Paso, TX

As an employee you have rights. You’ll be glad to know there’s an excellent employment lawyer in El Paso, TX. Davie & Valdez, PC.

Q: How do I know Davie & Valdez, PC is a qualified employment lawyer in El Paso. TX?

Employment Lawyer El Paso, TX

A: Davie & Valdez, PC are one of the top ten percent of attorneys in Texas that are Board Certified and entitled by the State Bar of Texas to represent themselves as an office of Employment Lawyers. Board Certification requires, among other things, annual classes, which means they are continually updating themselves on their specialty. 

Q: What, exactly, is employment law?

A: Employment law is a special area of the law. It’s designed to protect your rights as a worker and to avoid problems or give you recourse if your employer fails to treat your fairly according to the law. It’s worth noting that although employment law is extensive there are times when an action by an employer seems morally wrong even though it may not be legally wrong.

Q: Can you tell me more about employment law in Texas?

A: Yes. In Texas employment law covers at least 33 broad issues that govern the way employees are treated, ranging from workers injuries and compensation, through various forms of discrimination, right on through pay issues and whistle blowing. The complexity of employment law is immense and one of the reasons it’s considered a specialty.

Q: Is there a way I can get more information about my situation without paying an arm and a leg?

A: Yes! Davie & Valdez, PC offers you a free initial consultation. Here you’ll talk with an attorney in confidence. You will have the opportunity to be carefully listened to, as well as getting your own questions answered. Everything from what happened to you to the fees and how the payment will be made should Davie and Valdez decide to take your case and you decide you want them to represent you will be discussed. In fact, following the interview the information will be carefully evaluated by Roger Davie who will make the final determination about his firm taking your case. You can use the email form found on our contact page, or phone us directly at 915 996 9798. If you call after hours you’ll get a live person rather than an answering machine. Remember, your case is not exactly like any other, which is why the free consultation is potentially so valuable.

Q: I’m in the hospital and can’t come to your offices. Can you come to me?

A” If you are unable to come to their offices in El Paso because you’re in the hospital or other facility, give them a call. It’s quite possible they will be able to come to you.

Q: My employer is insisting I sign a settlement agreement about my complaint. What should I do?

A: It’s best not to sign any agreement, consult with any agency or take a new job before you have your case evaluated by a good employment attorney. Since the evaluation is free, there’s no reason you can’t delay these decisions until you’re sure you’re on firm legal ground.

Q: I’m broke or close to it. How will I ever be able to pay for an attorney?

A: Like many attorneys, Davie and Valdez will work on contingency when dealing with employment law cases. This means that you won’t pay unless they are successful in recovering money for you. This is one reason they want to help evaluate your case as soon and as carefully as possible.

Q: I have additional questions. What should I do?

A: Of course, you’ll have questions; you should. Many of them will probably be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This pages covers many issues we don’t have space to cover here.

If you’re looking for an excellent employment lawyer in El Paso TX, consider Davie & Valdez, PC and take advantage of their free consultation.

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