Preparing For And Attending An EEOC Mediation

This video will help you prepare for and attend an EEOC mediation. Should you agree to an EEOC mediation? Do you need an employment lawyer at your EEOC mediation? What should you ask for in settle the at your EEOC MEDIATION? What is the role of the mediation in the EEOC mediation? Who will be attending for your employer at the EEOC mediation? Will you be asked questions at the EEOC mediation? Will your employer be able to ask questions and cross-examine you at the EEOC mediation? What happens if you settle your claim at the EEOC mediation? Roger Davie is a board certified employment lawyer from El Paso, Texas who represents fired and nursed workers in the El Paso Area? For more formation (915)203-2734. Wrongful Termination and Discrimination claims are often the subject of an EEOC mediation. Be prepared for your mediation by watching this video.

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