Texas Workers’ Compensation is unfair to injured workers in El Paso, Texas.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Texas are really unfair to injured workers. If you have been injured and your employer does carry workers’ compensation then you know how insurance companies deny benefits and do everything they can to deny benefits to injured workers. This recent story from the Texas Tribune highlights the amazing degree of unfairness in the Texas Workers’ Compensation System. This is exacerbated by the Texas Supreme Court is really the impetus for this unfairness because they have gone out of their way to keep insurance companies from having any liability if they wrongly deny claims and treat injured workers unfairly. If you are an injured worker or are interested in how work injuries effect employees in Texas read this article below: Fired and injured workers’ in El Paso, Texas have a tough job to obtain benefits to recover from their injuries. Please if you are injured see a board certified employment lawyer as soon as you are injured and before you give any statements to your employer or the insurance company if you can. Here is the article:



Injured After Work Meeting, Amputee Fights Claim Denial, by Jay Root and Alana Rocha
Jane Hays, an employee benefits manager, thought she knew everything about the Texas workers’ compensation system. But after losing her leg in a car wreck, she…


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