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    From the very first meeting you will find the comfort you are seeking in Mr Davie. I had all but lost hope when I took a chance to seek his legal expertise and it paid off. Truthful and straightforward from the very beginning, he told me that my case was a difficult one but accepted my case when previously 2 other attorneys would not. He provided me with sound logical advice and believed my story when no one else did. I embraced all his instructions and waited patiently and when the time finally came I was ready because I had Mr Davey beside me. I strongly believe that if I had not followed Mr Davie’s instructions, my story would have had an extremely depressing ending to it. If you are the victim of an extremely hostile work environment, constant retaliation for no good reason, sexual discrimination or any other type of unfair treatment as was the case with me and feel all is lost, please, please go see Mr Davie immediately! Do not waste another minute feeling helpless. Mr Davie will guide you every step of the way. Mr Davey will be the best decision you will ever make!

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