I was injured on the job. Do I need to see a personal injury lawyer or an employment lawyer?

Work Injuries are different than simple personal injury claims. A board certified employment lawyer like Mr. Roger Davie knows the details of employment law and how that affects your injury claim. Even a car wreck that occurs while you are working may have workers’ compensation issues, FMLA issues and health insurance issues. All of these issues need to be evaluated by a board certified employment lawyer. Knowing employment law can sometimes make a huge difference in how to proceed with your injury claim and hiring a board certified employment lawyer could make the difference in winning or losing your case. If you have a family matter you should hire a family law lawyer. If you have a simple car wreck while not working hire a personal injury lawyer. But if you have a work injury, hire a board certified employment lawyer. Make an appointment with Mr. Roger Davie today! Call 915-838-1100.

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