Wrongful Death in Texas

Wrongful Death in Texas

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Can I recover benefits for Workers' Compensation if I am forced to quarantine because I was exposed to COVID-19 (coronavirus) at work?

Many workers' are sometimes forced to be quarantined as a result of workplace exposure to COVID-19. Does workers' compensation apply to these exposures?
Aug 26, 2020 Roger Davie 2 min read

​How does a work injury claim differ from a basic personal injury claim?

Many people associate a work injury with a personal injury claim, but in fact when you are injured at work or if a family member is killed at work, there are many different laws that apply to a work injury that would not apply to a basic personal injury case.
Aug 25, 2020 Roger Davie 4 min read

What law is followed in New Mexico if an accident happens in New Mexico?

Most states follow the rule that the state with the most significant relationship is the law that applies. However, New Mexico follows the rule that no matter how significant the contacts if a personal injury accident happens in New Mexico, New Mexico law will apply.
Aug 07, 2020 Roger Davie 1 min read

Interview on Covid by KFOX news

I was recently interviewed by KFOX news in El Paso, Texas about Covid.
Aug 07, 2020 Roger Davie 2 min read

What do you do when you first have a work injury?

Did you give your employer sufficient notice that you were injured at work? Can you prove it? If not, you may be denied coverage for your work injury.
Jul 30, 2019 Mr. Roger Davie 4 min read

Wrongful Death -New Mexico

New Mexico recently added a new rule of civil procedure for wrongful death claims. Section 1-105 provides that certain notice provisions are to be provided statutory beneficiaries. ...
Mar 13, 2018 Mr. Roger Davie 4 min read

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