Work Injuries in Texas

Work Injuries in Texas

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I was injured on the job. Do I need to see a personal injury lawyer or an employment lawyer?

Work Injuries are different than simple personal injury claims. A board certified employment lawyer like Mr. Roger Davie knows the details of employment law and how that affects your inj...
Jul 25, 2019 Mr. Roger Davie min read

Do you have to pay back your insurance company for the medical bills it paid?

This has been a disputed area of the law for some time. Health insurance companies generally want to get paid back for the medical bills they paid before your get any money. Unfortunat...
Jul 25, 2019 Mr. Roger Davie min read

If I sue a third-party do I have to pay back the workers' compensation carrier?

Generally the answer is yes. Texas is a very pro-insurance and pro-insurance Company state and the legislature and the Texas Supreme Court have made if very difficult to not pay back th...
Jul 25, 2019 Mr. Roger Davie min read

Are hospital employers liable if employees catch a disease

Millions of sick Americans visit health care clinics and hospitals each year, relying on medical professionals to diagnose and treat them. Medical professionals receive extensive trainin...
Jul 25, 2019 Mr. Roger Davie min read

Can you sue your employer for your injuries if they have Texas Workers' Compensation.

I have a lot of clients in Texas that come see me when they are severely injured at work asking if they can sue their employer for the injuries they receive. Texas is unique in that it ...
Jul 08, 2018 Mr. Roger Davie 5 min read

If your employer has its 'own work injury plan' or no workers' compensation then they are liable for employees injuries if they are negligent even if the employee knew of the danger (in non slip and fall - premesis liability)

Non-Subscribers—Tort Liability for Work-Related Accidents—Failure to Provide Necessary Instrumentalities—Employee Knowledge of Risk—Advance Tire and Wheels, LLC v. Enshikar, 527 S.W.3d 4...
Jul 05, 2018 Mr. Roger Davie 3 min read

Judge must review video before excluding its use at trial.

Texas Supreme Court provides guidance on video use in workers’ comp case When can video footage serve as evidence in a personal-injury suit that arises from a workplace accident? That...
Mar 13, 2018 Mr. Roger Davie 3 min read

​Employee Benefits Plans—Accidental Injury v. Sickness

Employee Benefits Plans—Accidental Injury v. Sickness. Ramirez v. United of Omaha Life Ins. Co., 872 F.3d 721 (5th Cir. 2017)—In Texas, employers can opt out of workers’ compensation, an...
Jan 22, 2018 Mr. Roger Davie 1 min read

If your Workers' Compensation carrier wrongly criminally prosecutes you for Insurance Fraud the Texas Supreme Court says you have no remedy

Glen Johnson was horribly burned in a smelter explosion. As part of his rehab he was given a membership to a gym to help with his injuries. The gym had swipe cards but because of Johns...
Mar 03, 2015 Mr. Roger Davie 2 min read

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