Employer has their own Work Injury or Workers' Compensation Plan but it is not Texas Workers' Compensation. What are my rights?

Texas Attorney at Law

Many employers do not purchase Texas Workers' Compensation but do have their own health and injury plan. If that is true, you may be able to still sue your employer. It is very important that you do not sign anything related to this injury plan until you seek legal advice. Some employers will send you to a doctor and then try and have you sign documents that can cause you to waive your rights to make a claim for negligence against your employer. This can be very costly to you and can cause you to waive your rights to make a claim for compensation pursuant to Texas law. Always seek legal advice from a competent employment lawyer prior to signing any documents related to your injury. Remember, your employer is in the business to make a profit and your injury claim can lower your employer's profit so they may not be looking after your best interest.

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