Can I record my employer without their knowledge?

Texas Attorney at Law

This depends on the state. Texas is what is known as a one party State. What that means is that as long as one party to the conversation knows it is being recorded then it is legal to record the conversation. It is illegal to secretly tape a conversation you are not a part of or that no party knows is being recorded. In fact, it is a serious crime. My advice is to never record a conversation unless you are part of that conversation. You should also know that some employers, fearing that they may be caught mistreating employees, have rules that make it an employment violation to record a conversation. If they find out they could take employment action against you. However it is generally not illegal to recording a conversation if you are part of that conversation. This applies to private employees and employers and does not cover every situation. In general I do not like the idea of recording people without their knowledge; however I have seen times when employees have recorded conversations that would have probably been denied by their employer had they not had them recorded.

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