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The Dangers of Secretly Recording a Conversation to which you are not a party

Published on July 09, 2018

In Texas you can record someone without their knowledge as long as you are part of the conversation. But there is no leaving hour cell phone in a room and leaving so you can hear or record what the people in the room say when you leave is extremely dangerous and could be a second degree felony in Texas and under Federal law. New Mexico has a similar law as well. However there is an exception in Texas that if there is a reasonable expectation of privacy then the recording can be made even if the intercepter (person recording) is not a party to the conversation. The question of what is a reasonable expectation of privacy is the issue, and it seems in Texas to be a moving target. Therefore I would never advise anyone to record a conversation to which they are not a party. However, if someone did this in the workplace the question of reasonable expectation of privacy might turn on the companies policies and procedure. If the employer makes it clear that there are no expectations of privacy in the workplace then that might be a defense. However, it would be extremely risky defense and there is certainly no guarantee it would prevail as a defense. Juries generally don't like those who secretly record conversations they are parties to unless they have a really good reason; but they really dislike those who intercept conversations and are not a party to the conversation. This is true in civil cases and also true in criminal cases. In a civil case it might cause you to lose your case; in a criminal case it may cause you to lose your freedom. My advice; never ever ever record a conversation to which you are not a party.

Roger Davie - Work Injury and Wrongful termination lawyer

Published on July 03, 2016

If you are injured at work and claim is denied or delayed or you are subject to wrongful termination in El Paso, Texas what kind of lawyer do you need? Roger Davie represents fired and injured workers.

Preparing For And Attending An EEOC Mediation

Published on October 21, 2015

This video will help you prepare for and attend an EEOC mediation. Should you agree to an EEOC mediation? Do you need an employment lawyer at your EEOC mediation? What should you ask for in settle the at your EEOC MEDIATION? What is the role of the mediation in the EEOC mediation? Who will be attending for your employer at the EEOC mediation? Will you be asked questions at the EEOC mediation? Will your employer be able to ask questions and cross-examine you at the EEOC mediation? What happens if you settle your claim at the EEOC mediation? Roger Davie is a board certified employment lawyer from El Paso, Texas who represents fired and nursed workers in the El Paso Area? For more formation www.rogerdavie.com (915)203-2734. Wrongful Termination and Discrimination claims are often the subject of an EEOC mediation. Be prepared for your mediation by watching this video.

3 minute guide to choosing a lawyer

Published on March 17, 2015

With so many lawyers how do you know how to choose a good lawyer? Roger Davie is a lawyer. Who will tell you how to choose a competent lawyer. This is an excellent. Idea that everyone should watch before they start their search for a lawyer. If you need an employment lawyer a criminal defense lawyer a family law lawyer a workers compensation lawyer or any other lawyer start with this short video. Roger Davie is Board Certified in labor and employment lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has practiced law since 1985 and practices in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. While this video is a general how to video for hiring any lawyer - Mr. Davie specializes in wrongful termination, discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination and disability discrimination. And work injuries.

Recording another person without permission

Published on May 29, 2014

You need to understand that, under Title III, the defendant must have the intent to use the illicit recording to commit a tort of crime beyond the act of recording itself. So be very careful before you record and make sure your intent is not fora criminal purpose or for committing a tort.. recording someone without their knowledge or secretly recording phone conversations or secretly recording someone without their knowledge in Texas. This deals with employees recording their employers without the employers knowledge but applies to most situations where you want to record someone without their knowledge. Every state and situation is different so before you record someone without their knowledge seek legal advice. This video from Roger Davie board certified labor and employment lawyer in El Paso, Texas.

Texas Unemployment Hearing

Published on May 22, 2014

Texas unemployment. El Paso unemployment. Texas Workforce Commission. Unemployment insurance. Unemployment hearing. Denial of unemployment benefits. Wrongful termination. El Paso wrongful termination lawyers

Se ha lastimado en el trabajo? Lo han despedido injustificadamente? Roger Davie El Paso aboagado

Published on January 23, 2014

Se ha lastimado en el trabajo? Lo han despedido injustificadamente? Roger Davie El Paso abogado de despidos injustificados y trabajadores lastimados. Certificado por la barra de abogados del estado de Texas en leyes laborales. (915) 996-9798 rogerdavie@rogerdavie.com. acoso en el trabajo, discriminacion, accidentes en el trabajo

Roger Davie- El Paso Wrongful Termination and Employment Lawyer

Published on December 02, 2013

Board Certified Labor and Employment Lawyer. Phone: (915) 838-1100. Have you been Wrongfully Terminated or Discriminated? Do you want to discuss a Work Injury or a Compensation issue? Have you been a victim of Sexual Harassment, Workers' Compensation Retaliation? Contact El Paso's Board Certified Attorney, Mr. Roger Davie now!